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A Legend In Your Own Mind...

"Being Competitive vs. Being a Legend in Your Own Mind"

The other day, I was at the track talking with some friends about decreasing lap times and late braking techniques, when some hater dude who wasn't really even in our conversation to start with - laughs and says - "...yeah, in your dreams bud!" I guess he thought he was better than everybody else and certainly better than me lol.

I really dislike those negative - 'I am better than you are' - types of people. His negative attitude caused me to think about myself and here is something I wrote about that. ___________________________________

"In My Dreams"

In my dreams my fears confront me, In my dreams my fears are conquered.

In my dreams my goals are challenged, In my dreams my goals are realized.

In my dreams the lines are drawn, In my dreams those lines are met, then re-drawn and met again.

In my dreams my challenges face me, In my dreams my challenges are conquered.

In my dreams when it's really bad, it's not really that bad for very long.

In my dreams things aren't always perfect - yet in my dreams my efforts are always complete.

In my dreams I have not discovered all that I can be.

In my dreams yes I am me and in my dreams my soul is free.

I have been given a life to enjoy. Learning how to conquer and then enjoying those things I have conquered is very exciting and extremely pleasing for me!

I have no intention of letting this opportunity of riding on two wheels as fast and as loud as I can, in this life pass me by. I have THIS lifetime to make my dreams become my reality!

"Living My Life - Out Loud!"

(Senior Speed)

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