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 The world of amateur or professional athletics isn’t an easy one. It’s a full-time commitment requiring personal sacrifice and a dedication to preparation. The Director of SENIOR SPEED MOTORSPORTS began to form an incredible work ethic at a young age, spending time after school and on weekends practicing, learning how "go fast," in pursuit of his ultimate goal: to compete with the best in his class as a top level Racer.

 More recently in his life, Jim Davis received certification through an arduous 7 day training and assessment program presented by the "Total Control California Motorcycle Safety Program."  Jim 'Senior Speed' Davis successfully graduated the course of study and performance to become a California Highway Patrol approved Motorcycle Riding Instructor. He is authorized to teach new, returning and aspiring Motorcyclists the basic skills needed to safely operate a two wheeled motorized vehicle on public roads as required by the state of California's Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol.  Mr. Davis has completed an Intermediate Riding Clinic as presented by "Total Control" and is also a Registered Road Racer through the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway Motorcycle Association.

 In addition to the aforementioned accomplishments, Senior Speed has a Coach who is also a Mentor, a Friend and a Supporter by the name of Can Akkaya. 'Coach Can' worked as a Professional Motorcycle Racer from 1987 to 1996. Before he retired from the European MotoGP circuit, Can Akkaya had successfully competed in high level professional racing: German IDM - Dutch Open - Spanish Open - as well as other European championship races. Can Akkaya was a 'Wildcard' MotoGP Racer when he retired as a Champion.

 The Senior Speed MotoVlog produces bi-weekly and weekly print and video articles and segments that are designed to inform and present educational information about the sport of motorcycling as well as the "Bike Life" culture that is alive and well in the worldwide riding community.


"...Live Your Life - Out Loud and Enjoy your Ride!"


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